Making Money as a Student

Everyone knows that students are usually living on a budget when it comes to money.

Students are busy with class, homework, extra curricular activities, hobbies, friends, and family. It can be hard to find time to work a job while wanting to get good grades and enjoy the time at university, because TO BE HONEST, the time goes by very quickly.

After spending 2 years of my university time working full-time jobs, and spending the other 2 years not working during my university semesters… I can say that I got better grades and was happier when I wasn’t working.

Now, we all know we need money to live. So if you don’t want to spend A LOT of time working, but you still want enough money to stay afloat and LIVE, here’s what you can do:

1. Babysit!

There are many families in Victoria who are struggling to find childcare because of the minimum number of daycares and facilities for kids.

UVic students can join groups on Facebook and create a post about themselves that tells their experience with kids, their age, their availability, and parents will message you directly! This is what I’ve done during my last 2 years at UVic to have enough money for gas, groceries, and hobbies.

2. Look for part-time work at UVic.. THERE IS A LOT!

You can give campus tours to future students visiting UVic, work in one of the food facilities, assist Professors with marking tests/essays from home, and more.

All of these jobs pay well, look great on your resume, and are flexible with students’ schedules.

3. Sell your old items/clothing!  

Again, there are Facebook groups and apps (like Depop) where students can sell their used clothing and other items. It’s really easy since many people buying these items live around UVic so you never have to travel far to sell your stuff!

People always pay with cash or e-transfer so it’s quick and fast money that you set your own price for!

Students tend to have more stuff than they really need, but you don’t know until you sort through all your stuff! PLUS, going through all your stuff to sell it forces you to organize your room.

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