Holi colour run at UVic

On March 10th the UVic Indian Students Association and Vikes Nation hosted the annual Holi colour run for all students and staff at UVic. This is an event where people are encouraged to show up wearing all white clothes, and throw handfuls of brightly coloured chalk at their friends and classmates.

The event is a Hindu festival that celebrates the start of spring and it is a time to rejoice and recharge. On the day of the festivities, the weather was fairly gloomy, but this did not stop people from showing up with a positive attitude.

The event took place in the quad next to the fountain. There were tents set up that were serving Indian food and refreshments and there was lively music playing.

After covering one another in colourful chalk and grabbing a bite to eat and something to drink, students gathered around to dance. Everyone who I encountered was covered head to toe in vibrant colours and smiling from ear to ear. Overall it was a remarkable experience and I will definitely be returning next year!


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