The Top 5 UVic Courses that Every Student Should Take

I often see posts on the UVic Reddit or other social media asking what courses are the easiest to take at UVic. But what about the courses that are going to be the most useful? What courses will generally set you up with the knowledge and strategies to thrive in university?

Throughout university, I’ve taken electives in many different subject areas and I feel like I have some good answers to this question.

While no one can perfect the list of the top courses every UVic student should take — that would mean taking every single course, wouldn’t it? — I’ve tried my best to narrow down what I think are the top 5 courses for students across campus.

#5: Learning Strategies for University Success (ED-D 101)

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I took this class in the second semester of my first-year, and I still find myself thinking about SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound) goals when I’m planning out how I’m going to study or completing my assignments.

I even wrote a whole blog post about it back in 2020. This course teaches students so many study strategies that there’s something for everyone, no matter what faculty you’re in.

Plus, it’s never too late! I still think I would find this course useful if I took it today, purely for the organization tools it gave me.

#4: Gender, Power and Difference (GNDR 100)

The articles, documentaries, and discussions that make up this course’s required content are relevant, eye-opening, and will inform the work you do in university courses going forward. It will push the boundaries on what you think you know.

It’s about more than just gender — you’ll learn about media, race, globalization, and so much more. This course will give you an easily understandable intro into many of the big topics and theories that come up in other disciplines.

Credit: Delia Giandeini via Unsplash

#3: Introduction to the Human Uses of Technology (TS 200)

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We can’t escape technology in our daily lives, and while this course will tell you that, it will also give you insights into the uses and implications and technology that will blow your mind.

Ever wondered how your TikTok algorithm is so accurate, or how ChatGPT works? Take this course! I guarantee what you learn will be useful throughout university, and will even extend into your career.

#2: Technical Communications: Written and Verbal (ENSH 202)

Credit: Brett Jordan via Unsplash

***Formerly ENGL 225

This class gave me my first crash course in grammar, plain English writing, and marketing language.

These skills are super helpful to write persuasive, grammatically correct papers, but they’re also more widely applicable for resume skills when you’re searching for a job.

#1: Healthy Sexuality (HLTH 251)

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Credit: Reproductive Health Supplies Coalition via Unsplash

The number one thing I found out in this class is that high school sexual health class is not enough for most students.

EVERY student should take this class because it’s probably the most practical and useful class at UVic for having a direct impact on students’ lives.

It’s not just about sex — you’ll learn about how to have healthy relationships, human anatomy, birth control, being comfortable with sexuality, and so much more. And when you take care of yourself, you’re better able to thrive in general—in university and beyond!

What classes do you think everyone should take at UVic? Thanks for reading!

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  1. Justin says:

    One of the most meaningful and challenging courses I took at UVic was Indigenous Foundations (IS 101). Even as a 3rd year student, I found that this 100-level course totally turned my world upside down and gave me a brand new understanding on what it meant to be on Lekwungen lands and how far deep the scars of colonization went.