My Favourite Hangout Spots in Downtown Victoria as a Broke Student

I feel extremely lucky to have found an amazing, affordable apartment in the heart of Downtown Victoria to live in while I attend UVIC.

However, due to the busy tourist industry, a lot of downtown activities are not affordable for someone on a student budget.

After living downtown for over a year now, I have found some fun, affordable activities in the area that I show to my friends every time they come to visit me.

1. Interactivity Board Game Cafe (723 Yates Street)

Me and four friends at Interactivity, playing my personal favourite, “Smart Ass.”

There is nothing better than a board game cafe to spend a chill evening with friends. For $6.00 a person, you can stay and play Interactivitiy’s huge collection of board games (no time limit!). The cafe has two sides; one side is family friendly, and the other side is 19+, including alcoholic beverages – boozy milkshakes anyone?

2. Beacon Hill Park (100 Cook Street)

Nothing beats nature for affordability, and Beacon Hill Park has tons to offer. Whether you are looking for a bike ride through nature, an evening on the beach, a pickleball match, or a petting zoo, Beacon Hill has you covered!

My favourite way to spend a day in the park is starting at the Beacon Hill Drive In, a staple restaurant in Victoria, to grab some french fries or ice cream, before taking a walk down to the rocks overlooking the water to witness an unbeatable Vancouver Island sunset.

Sunset from the beach at Beacon Hill Park.

3. Quazar’s Arcade (1215 Government Street)

Road Runner is my favourite vintage arcade game at Quazar’s!

Although the classic video games at Quazar’s Arcade are before my time, there is something to be said about the neon lights and old school displays.

The Arcade operates on tokens costing 50 cents each. Each game costs 1-2 tokens, so $10.00 could potentially provide multiple hours of fun!

The arcade is family friendly and serves a selection of non-alcoholic beverages. Visit Quazar’s to feel like you are living in a Stranger Things episode!

Being downtown does not have to drain your pockets, but you have to be careful! Look up potential spots before committing to an establishment and plan accordingly.

I have given 3 suggestions, but I am sure there are more awesome options out there! If you have a favourite affordable hangout spot in Downtown Victoria, tell me about it below!

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3 Responses

  1. Derek Lovell says:

    Student night at Haunted Manor mini golf on Mondays is 40% off!

  2. Samantha says:

    Pack a picnic go to gyro park. Bathrooms tables, coffee shop close by. Spend 5 bucks on coffee hrs of hang out fun. Take a book or go with friends.
    Also in spring summer you go to 7 11 on Douglas street near fort get hotdogs chips and a drink then go to inner harbour, sit and eat. Great view.. entertainment.

  3. Roy says:

    Portage Park in Esquimalt is a hidden gem as well. Right off the E&N trail that runs parallel to Admirals Rd.