A Visit to Legacy Art Gallery

I had a project in my Contemporary Arts Class, ART 151, to visit an exhibition in Victoria BC.

While visiting downtown last weekend, I decided to go to The Legacy Art Gallery, which manages a large selection of UVic’s extensive arts collection.

Legacy Art Gallery

There were many paintings and artworks on display. I was especially drawn to images of the call-and-response dancing from traditional African Tribes with wonder and awe. They dazzled my eyes and filled me and many other UVIC students with great joy as our interpreter explained them to us. Additionally, many paintings of Indigenous art Heritage, culture, and philosophy were on display. There were also some very valuable photographs taken by professional artists.

Since I was introduced to art class this year as a music student, I could relate to several common themes that the two subjects share: identity, time, place, and memory.

One of the photographs about the Nyau performers in Southern Africa was quickly identified by the unique dance patterns between nature and society. Their ancestors are invested in our daily wellness because of the tribe’s belief in community education and engagement. At the centre of each exhibit, there is always the direct reference to contemporary art themes that is worth our time to explore.

Please take note that the Legacy Art Gallery is only open from 10am to 4pm on Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. There is often a guided tour that takes place from 2pm-3pm. The space can fill up quickly, so planning a trip to any gallery exhibition is strongly recommended.

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