What to do when you’re off campus

Wondering what to do when you don’t have any classes for the day? Maybe it’s reading break and you are looking for something fun to do. Well, look no further! Although it might not seem like there are very many things to do around Victoria, it actually has some pretty fun things that are available to you!

Here is a list of five fun things to do around Victoria – either by yourself or with your friends!

1. Butchart Gardens

If you love nature, and want to explore one of the most beautiful places in Victoria, (in my opinion), Butchart Gardens is the best place to visit! Depending on what time of year you go, you’ll be able to see so many different plants, flowers and I’m sure animals too!

It’s a fun walk with friends around the garden, or even by yourself if you want to get away from your busy life. Be sure to stop by the coffee shop for some coffee or hot chocolate to warm you up on your walk if it’s cold outside!

Butchart Gardens

Image by Davgood Kirshot from Pixabay

2. Star Cinema

If you are like me and you love watching movies, but you hate going to the movie theatre with so many people, and you want to avoid the overpriced popcorn and snacks, you need to go to the newly refurbished Star Cinema down in Sidney!

It is the cutest hidden gem for watching movies, and the prices of the snacks aren’t too steep! They recently finished their renovations, and reopened late last year with not two but three new screens! It’s a really fun place to go because of the history behind it, and you can watch any new film that comes out there!

Star Cinema

3. Beacon Hill Park

I don’t know about you, but I used to love going to the petting zoo. Good news is, Victoria has one of its own!

Beacon Hill Park is a great place to visit if you want to see some really cute animals, perhaps take a walk through the park, and feed some ducks while you’re at it!

Not to mention that if you walk just a little further, you’ll find the Beacon Drive-In where you can treat yourself to some really great burgers, fries and ice cream!

Beacon Hill Park

4. Langford Lanes

Although some of you might not be fond of having to travel very far for many things, I definitely recommend taking the trip out to Langford if you like to bowl!

Langford Lanes is one of Victoria’s most popular bowling alleys.The atmosphere in there is great if you love music, having fun with your friends, and good food!

They also have a cool blue light feature, so make sure to wear white!

5. Board Game Cafe

Do you love playing board games with your friends? And do you love to hang out in cafes? Then I would highly recommend Victoria’s own Interactivity Board Game Café, located in Downtown Victoria!

It has a wide variety of almost every board game imaginable, with classic games like Monopoly and Cards Against Humanity. They also have some really good milkshakes and sandwiches, and not to mention the snacks as well! It has a really great environment, and it only costs $6 per person to stay and play for as long as you want!

I hope you take advantage of what Victoria has to offer! Go out there and have some fun!

Board Game Cafe sign

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