My Experience Being in UVIC’s Dance Company

I was a competitive dancer throughout my upbringing, but I found my passion for academics overcame my passion for dance, and when it came to it, I chose University instead of commercial dance.

I do not regret my decision, but I definitely miss the teamwork, dedication, and the spiritual release dance provided. I even got a little jealous when I went to watch my sister’s recital.

Then I discovered the UVIC Dance Company. I went to talk to some members of the team on Clubs Day, where they explained the process of auditioning and signed me up. I was super excited to give dancing a shot again.

I showed up to CARSA’s studios for auditions that weekend. I was pretty calm… until I arrived. I saw 30 other dancers intensely stretching outside the studio.

Me playing it “cool” at auditions

I thought those 30 were intense until I realized there were several other audition sections with the same amount of dancers. Only 30 dancers make the final company.

The audition is pretty intense. It is definitely meant for dancers who come from a competitive background who trained heavily in their youth.

We did across the floor and a hip hop combination. After you’re done, you will receive an email inviting you to callbacks if you are selected in the final 50 dancers.

At the callback it is even more intense technique wise. You do turns, kicks, jumps, and tricks (if you are able). This is followed by a contemporary combo that is fairly technical. After you’re finished, you wait for an email to see if you made the final roster.

After practice…

I am happy to report I did make the team, and I am so happy I did. However, the dance company is not a casual club. We do combos or choreography for performances 3 times a week for 2 hours: that is 6 hours a week. The pro to this time commitment is that you become close to the other dancers.

dance team

The team before our downtown performance.

We have performed at halftime of Thunderfest basketball games, have done a 10 minute production at a venue downtown, and we also put on a show in April.

Every member of the team has an opportunity to choreograph a piece for the show, and I will be presenting my first piece! Every 4 years, the team traditionally goes to LA to take industry classes. However, we chose to opt out of the trip this year.

I definitely recommend the dance company if you miss the environment of studio dance. However, if you are more of a casual dancer, I would recommend sticking to CARSA’s many dance classes. It is a lot less of an intense time commitment.

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