How to say ‘goodbye’ to friends

While studying abroad in the UK, I made so many friends who live far distances from Canada — Austria, Spain, Australia, Sweden, and others. As grateful as I am to have met them (and have a great excuse to visit them in their home countries), it is sad to say goodbye or “see you later”.

When I asked fellow UVIC blogger Talen Rimmer about his advice after leaving friends while on study abroad, he said, “I think it’s also helpful to remember that if you’re feeling sad about it, that’s likely a good thing and a representation of a successful first semester across the pond. One of my favourite quotes is by Dr. Seuss – ‘how lucky I am, to have [people] to miss.'”

So, feeling inspired by Talen’s words, I decided to create a video about having to say “see you later” to friends.


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