On the Path to Law School

From the time I was in the 8th grade I knew I wanted to pursue a career in Law. Luckily for me, this plan has never changed and I am working my way to law school.

By the time I was in Grade 12, I was already thinking about the most efficient path to law school, which was ultimately a huge reason I chose UVIC. The one type of course I could never get the hang of or enjoy were languages. While some British Columbia universities require a second language for admission to select programs, UVIC does not. Therefore, I could focus on the subjects that I really enjoyed while getting the best grades possible.

academic award plaquesI could tell pretty early on that STEM subjects (science, tech, engineering, and math) were not my jam. My performance was never bad, but I felt I was not flexing the appropriate muscles I would need in law.

So I, riskily, chose to put all my eggs in the humanities basket. I took courses in History and English, and excelled. Impressed with my performance, UVIC granted me a scholarship based on my grade point average that covers tuition for my entire degree, provided I maintain grades in the “A” range.

I chose to major in English when I got to UVIC because it was both one of my favourite subjects in high school and a great degree to prepare for a career in law. This may be confusing, but Law and English are essentially the same thing. Analyze documents or evidence and craft a convincing argument. In fact, all humanities courses are great law school prep.

young woman reading book outdoors

Currently, I am in my third year, and throughout my degree I have been taking steps that will help me to be accepted to a Canadian law school. The things relevant in an application is GPA during your undergrad, your LSAT score (all law school applicants must take this exam), and extra curricular activities.

The scholarship UVIC granted me has helped me maintain motivation to keep my grades within the A-Range, and I study for the LSAT during the summers between UVIC terms – this summer, I will take a prep course as my final push towards the test. For extracurriculars I take part in this blog (of course), the English Student Association, and the UVIC Dance team (although this one is more for fun).

UVIC Humanities provides a great pathway to law school, and the university’s many clubs and course unions provide tons of great opportunities to beef up your resume.

Although LSAT prep will be mostly self-sufficient, I think any UVIC student has as good a chance of any to be accepted.

I will write my LSAT this coming September and am hoping to be accepted by my UVIC graduation next April. Wish me luck!

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