My New Years Resolutions for 2023

I know I am late to the New Years Party, but I already have reports to make on my New Year’s Resolutions. Read on for a realistic report of a student’s journey to self-improvement.

1. Exercise Every Day

Before school started, I was doing a great job getting in my exercise. I have a routine I was following: dance team 3 days a week, weights at my gym 3 days a week, and one yoga session.

However, as soon as I started full-time university again, the time slipped away.

I tried my hardest to make time, but my body eventually burnt out, and I suffered a back injury. My chiropractor will not allow me to do any physical activity besides walking until it heals.

I plan to make an effort to get out for walks, but let this be a lesson to listen to your body!

2. Getting up Earlier

I’ll be honest, I have not been doing a great job getting up.

I purposely chose to schedule all my classes so I have late start times, so I have often succumbed to the temptation to sleep in.

I realize I am wasting a lot of valuable time in the mornings, and I won’t give up on this resolution just yet.

I will start with working on getting to bed earlier, but sometimes I feel that late nights are my only free time. I am still working on finding some balance.

3. Tooth Hygiene

Now tooth hygiene may seem trivial, but paying for your own cavities is no joke! I am covered under UVIC’s student insurance plan, but I do not want to make emergency visits to the dentist a habit.

Admittedly, I have never been a flosser, but I have flossed almost every day this year (two times a day!). I feel as if good tooth hygiene is proof of successful adulting. Small victories are still victories!

4. Being Kinder to Myself

This is the toughest, yet most important resolution to me. Historically, I have created checklists for myself each day.

These checklists would have way more items then I could have possibly completed in a single day. However, if I don’t finish, I feel as if I have been lazy.

I have a scholarship to maintain at UVIC, so I feel if my life is not a well oiled machine of productivity, I am risking it all. I have made strides to try and get my homework done at an appropriate time each night, but it still hurts me.

Positive self talk is something I’ll be practicing for the rest of my life!

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