How I Tackled Feeling Out of Place

student carrying books

I have always loved learning. I did my best to never miss a day of school growing up, and I hated when someone would talk over the teacher. Because I cared so much, I was good at it! I got straight A’s and made my parents proud. Eventually I landed myself at the University of Victoria, pumped to do more of what I loved… learn!

However, as much as I learned when I got there, I felt extremely out of place. All the students around me came from lawyers, professors, doctors – careers University students would die for. It was like these students were MADE for this. 

I am different. I come from a small farm town and neither of my parents have university degrees (although, they are awesome). I am the first person in my family to attend University. I was intimidated by the jargon my peers used and their success before coming to UVIC. Did I really belong?

woman on shore looking at water

My dad showing me the beauty of nature.

I soon realized that being different is AWESOME. My dad may not have been a doctor or lawyer, but he taught me everything I know about hard work. My mom taught me to be kind and open to people. Because I was raised in a small town, I have learned to appreciate the simple pleasures. 

All of these skills I gleaned during my upbringing have benefited my academic career greatly. I know that no concept can beat hard work. I feel comfortable forming connections and relating with my peers while networking. While I am in school, I know how to spend small while still enjoying myself. 

As much as I would have liked help with my homework, or talk to my family about what I learned in school, I love being unique. I love carving my own path with the tools of my upbringing. I am not out of place at UVIC, I am creating a new place for myself. 

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