Working at the Computer Help Desk

help deskDuring my second work term as a 3rd year Civil Engineering student at the University of Victoria, I spent my time learning and performing analysis on internal as well as external UVic websites in order to redesign and implement newly improved websites.

University Systems provides technical support, and services for UVic. The department is comprised of 3 units. Within these units is an array of teams including the Computer Help Desk. At the Computer Help Desk, there is a team of consultants who focus on the front facing day-to-day technical issues that UVic students, staff, or affiliates are having. Alongside the team of consultants, there is Computing Facilities and the Technology Solutions Center.

To echo an Akan proverb from Yaa Gyasi’s book: Homegoing, University Systems is like a forest: if you are outside, it is dense; when you’re inside you see that each tree has its place.

Over the past few months, I improved in my personal management. There is still work I must do before I reach an exemplary level of personal management; however, performing and maintaining organization during busy times of the semester at the CHD brought me a few steps closer to my goal.

Throughout this work term I felt very lucky to have been given the opportunity to meet and work with many people of different backgrounds. Over the past few months, I gained a deeper understanding, and appreciation for what makes us different and the ways that our differences become our strengths.

Looking back on my work term at the Computer Help Desk, I feel so lucky to have been working so closely with an amazing team of professionals who showed me exceptional practices of professionalism while keeping things fun!

I made some amazing friends at the Computer Help Desk. Every Wednesday a group of us made coffee together, and it was always a great way to lift our spirits mid-week. At the end of our work term, we had a fun wrap up party with all of the CHD employees. The following weekend a group of us went out for laser tag to wrap up an amazing semester.

I would like to thank the Systems team for accepting and continuously inspiring me over the past few months. I know the knowledge I have gained will not be in vain, and I am excited to be continuing my work at the Computer Help Desk as a consultant.

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