My 5 Favourite UVic TikTok Accounts

Most of us use TikTok everyday, but do you expect to see your school on your For You Page? Various groups and clubs on campus have started to see the value in using TikTok to show what student life at UVic is like, and I love it — so I thought I share with you some of my favourite UVic TikTok accounts that you should follow so that you can be on #UVicTok as well.

Her Campus UVic – @hercampusuvic

Her Campus UVic’s TikTok has some of the funniest student life content out there, and I’m always happy when they come up on my For You Page — you will be too!

My favourite post at the moment:

Vikes Nation – @vikesnationofficial 

Vikes Nation’s TikTok has the best on-campus student engagement by far! They post for #ThunderThursdays every week and are currently posting everyday for the 12 Days of Vikesmas.

My favourite post at the moment:

The Martlet – @themarlet

The Martlet, UVic’s independent newspaper, has been using TikTok to share relevant student information, promote their news stories, and showcase Victoria in general. Definitely worth the follow!

My favourite post at the moment:

English Students Association – @uvicesa

As an English student — and because this account is run by our very own MyUVicLife blogger, Ella — I’m clearly biased, but that doesn’t stop me from loving this account for its promotion of UVic’s English Students Association!

My favourite post at the moment:

UVic – @universityofvictoria

Last but certainly not least, you obviously have to follow UVic’s official TikTok account for all things student life, Victoria, and academics. If you want to feel proud to go to UVic, give this account a follow!

My favourite post at the moment:

What is your favourite UVic TikTok? Let us know in the comments.

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