Intramurals: For Mental and Physical Health

Intramurals was one of those things that everyone around me seemed to strongly encourage when I came to UVic in my first year.

Throughout high school I never played any team sports, instead taking dance classes and exploring other athletic pursuits such as cross country running. Upon arriving at UVic in my first year, straight out of high school, I knew I wanted to stay active but was initially intimidated by options such as the enormous CARSA gym. Pretty much on a whim, I decided to listen to those voices who told me to sign up for intramurals, so I logged onto the Vikes Active Living website and decided to find something I could join in.

After skimming through many intramural options such as soccer, volleyball, basketball, and dodgeball, for no clear reason that I remember, I chose ultimate frisbee. I signed up as a “free agent,” meaning existing teams could recruit me as a player.

Image by Patrick Reynolds on Unsplash

I ended up joining a student-led team that fall, and even though my frisbee-throwing skills may have been sub-par at best, I made some of my best friends at university that I am still friends with four years later, and even my current roommate.

Intramurals has become one of those things that has remained consistent throughout my degree, and has significantly helped maintain my mental health throughout many busy semesters with a weekly opportunity to socialize, meet new people and a new community, and burn off the stress of academia alongside friends.

For these reasons, I highly recommend you check out the options for intramurals! There are so many sports to choose from, and it can be a great opportunity to learn some new skills, give your body some movement, and create new friendships and relationships.

You can sign up with a friend, create your own team, or jump into the deep end by signing up as a free agent as I did. Your body, mind, and spirit will thank you for nurturing it through community and recreation!

For more information, check out the intramurals page on the Vikes Active Living website.

Image by John Kofi on Unsplash


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