3 Study Services that are Worth the Splurge

man with hands to head in front of laptop computer

Image via Pexels

You ever been surfing the internet and find yourself tempted my some internet study tool that is supposed to miraculously raise your grades? It’s tempting, I know.

As someone who has fallen for a fair few of these magic study tools, here are the ones I continue to pay for that I believe are worth the splurge.

1. Grammarly Premium

If you are in the humanities and social sciences, or any other faculty in which you find yourself writing an overwhelming amount of papers, Grammarly Premium is worth the hype.

This AI proofreader will check your grammar and flow, while allowing you to make the changes yourself so you can learn from your mistakes.

2. Quizlet Pro

I’m sure we all know the Quizlet online flashcard service, but Quizlet Pro is on a whole new level.

My favourite is the “learn” function. This function will quiz you with multiple different question types; short answer, multiple choice, and matching, It makes studying more game-like!

3. Scribd

Scribd is one of my newest finds, but it is a great one. It is Netflix for books. However, it does not just have fiction titles, but textbooks and academic papers. Scribd is an economical option if you have multiple books to buy for your classes. One textbook is usually more expensive than a monthly subscription.

Overall, doing your own research will be your best friend. I am an English Major, so other services may work better for your course load. While shopping, keep academic integrity in mind; there is a difference from finding help to polish your own work, and using the work of someone else. Good luck and happy studying!

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