Most Useful Templates and Trackers I Use as a Student

Saving time and streamlining tasks is a great step towards managing your time better. A huge time saver for me has been a few templates I keep ready to use for some common situations. Here are some of the templates I use most often:

laptop computer and monitor

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Hours tracking spreadsheet

  • Required by current job
  • Also a great way to assess time management

Exam Prep Planner

  • Plan out weeks leading up to final exam
  • Three parts helps evaluate study strategy
  • Plans out what tasks I want/need to accomplish each day to stay on track
  • Helps me account for time needed to work on things for other classes
  • Tracks my grades and helps provide estimated calculations depending on grade I receive in last few assessments

APA style paper template

  • Makes starting a paper quick
  • Commonly used format in my psych classes and some others

Biological Bulletin Style Paper template

  • Makes starting a paper quick
  • Makes starting scientific/formal reports for my biology classes quick by cutting down time spent formatting and gives me one less thing to use for procrastination

Fitness Goal tracker

  • Mine tracks my rowing erg times

Credentials for applications

  • Any certifications I complete go in here
  • Tracks volunteer experiences
  • Tracks employment details
  • List of skills I can include

To be Read list

  • Includes every book I hear about that I want to read for non-academic purposes
  • Easy to add to

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