5 Fun Finds at the UVic Bookstore

As a UVic student, I have always loved the UVic Bookstore. This large, pleasant store has everything a student could need – and more. Not only does it contain the best quality school supplies, but a surprisingly large selection of other items to meet desires you didn’t even know you had.

Here are my top five favourite finds:

1. UVic Merchandise for your Parents

Uvic sweatshirts with Dad and Mom printed

This is self-explanatory: how can you resist! Mom and Dad will wear them so proudly.


display of French soaps

It’s easy to forget self-care as a busy student. What better way to treat yourself than with a nice smelling soap from France.

3. Exercise Equipment 

yoga mats and fitness equipment

The bookstore has a wide range of yoga mats, exercise balls, and loop bands to provide you with the supplies you need for an at-home workout. The best part? After working out, you can use your French soaps.

4. Books


Books at a bookstore? This may seem obvious, but the UVic Bookstore has a wide selection of books (as well as a comfy couch to sit on). For the little ones, there is also a children’s section.

5. Technology Store

headphone display

At the back of the bookstore, there is a Computer Shop full of fun technological finds. My favourite part of the store is the headphone selection. Big headphones like this are perfect for when you don’t want anyone to talk to you on the bus.

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