How Well Do You Know Campus?

Chances are there’s some places on campus that you can recognize from the tiniest details, with other spots you’ve rarely or never been to. Test your UVic campus knowledge and comment how many of the locations in these photos you recognize!

hallway with office doors

Location #1 Where would you find this specific hallway?

University of Victoria sign with jumping woman

Location 2. Which street can you find this specific sign by?

Location 3. What building can you find this cozy study spot? Hint: it’s one of the libraries!

sidewalk and trees

Location 4. Where on campus would you need to stand to see this gorgeous view?

tree with concrete and brick building in the background

Location 5. What building is this?

walkway with building at end

Location 6. Which two buildings would you stand between to get this view?

woman standing under tree in Fall

Location 7. What general area would you find this lovely background?


Location 8. Tick tock, where would you find this clock?


Location 9. What building features this stunning courtyard?

pillars on building

Location 10. Where would you find these pillars?

building beside tree

Location 11. What academic building looms over in this pic?


Location 12. Where would you find this view?

grass and trees

Location 13. Where is this view from?

path beside building

Location 14. What building does this path wander past?


Location 15. Where is this?

metal sculpture

Location 16. Where is this? Bonus points if you know what the object is!

whale tail sculpture

Location 17. Where would you find this sight?


Location 18. What building do these windows belong to?


Location 19. Where is this?

building and courtyard

Location 20. Where is this?

How did you do? Let us know how many locations you recognize!

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    Yes, but what are the answers?