5 Things You Need To Keep On Your Desk

After March 2020, the concept of online meetings and classes has become normalized. So aside from the obvious (computer, iPad, course notes, etc.), these are the five things I think every student needs on their desk while either attending online classes or working from home.

1. Laptop stand

Before owning one of these, I used 2-3 textbooks to prop up my laptop (talk about an expensive laptop stand). Which honestly works, until you’re trying to adjust your setup, or change the angle. I bought a basic, foldable one at the start of my second co-op term and can’t recommend it enough.

2. A Wireless Mouse

Might be obvious, but I know a lot of people who only use their laptop’s trackpad to control their cursor. A keyboard is nice, but a mouse will prevent extra wrist strain.

Why wireless? It reduces wires. But sadly increases the number of times you will somehow lose your mouse.

3. Wireless Headphones

wireless headphones in caseI would love to say that this is essential so you can reduce wires and keep your workspace cleaner, like the mouse.

But realistically, I recommend them because you can make your morning cup of coffee or tea and still listen to what is happening in a class or meeting.

4. Second Monitor

Having a second monitor is the best. It gives you the space to have not one but two messy desktops.
Jokes aside, it’s a must for anyone working with multiple applications or even one seemingly endless spreadsheet.

5. A Post-It Pad or Notebook

You might be sitting in front of a computer, but you’ll still need these to quickly jot down things without scavenging to find that one Word doc with all your notes.

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