Virtual Reality Tours for Students

Have you always wanted to try Virtual Reality? As a UVic student, you’re in luck! Instead of paying money at the mall just to try VR Fruit Ninja, venture over to the university’s Business & Economics (BEC) building and try the virtual reality room for free.

This equipment offers students the chance to try a multitude of virtual reality experiences that can assist with learning and foster creativity. Programs offered through VR allow students to create their own art, explore Google Earth, learn about fossils, and more!

For a sneak peak of the cool capabilities of VR, check out this link to explore Google Earth from a new perspective!

Here is an example of a painting done in VR by UVic’s own Gary Tunnell:

To see more, I encourage you to check out Gary’s VR Twitter channel – especially this video of a VR landscape he designed:

From personal experience, I can say the equipment is truly remarkable, and definitely recommend that everyone try and take advantage of this amazing opportunity.

The virtual reality room can be found in BEC Room 190.

Students are able to book 30 minute guided tours of the virtual reality room upon request – drop by to see a VR demo or book a time!

For more information, please see the student room booking webpage.

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