What’s In My Backpack – Co-op Edition

The backpack I usually use for classes, but now use for co-op.

In the least concerning way possible, I love to know what others have on hand to keep themselves prepared.

So I decided to share what I keep in my backpack (during my co-op). Not that I have anything revolutionary that I keep on me, but you still might be interested in what I deem as essential.

1. A Notebook + Pens/Pencils

I made the mistake of taking notes on unbound papers at the start of my second co-op term, so don’t be me. Just get a notebook.

This way, at least you can look back and also add to your past notes.

2. A Multi-Tool Pocketknife

My supervisor raved about these before I even had the chance togo to my co-op in person, and I didn’t really understand why they were so ecstatic about them.

Until my first day in-person where one small thing could be used to cut boxes and build miscellaneous things.

From my second day on, I kept one of these on my lanyard.

3. A Phone Charging Cable

Because nothing is worse than having your battery drained during your ~40-minute drive home.

4. Wired and Wireless Earbuds

Wireless earbuds are great; you can listen to music, meetings, anything really, and there are no cables.

But it’s also less obvious that you are wearing headphones when you are wearing wireless ones, so I carry wired earbuds as well.

My rather small USB stick attached to a keychain.

5. A USB Stick

A lifesaver. Such a simple tool, yet I could rave about these all day.

Don’t get me wrong, I love using the cloud to store and send files. But these are essential, especially if you are working with multiple computers that are not connected to a network.

6. A Lanyard (With ID, Keys and an Item Tracker)

I would’ve lost my keys and ID to a lanyard months ago if my keys and ID weren’t attached to a lanyard. Actually, I lost them months ago, so once I found my lanyard I added an AirTag to them.

My takeaway from co-op (so far) has been to carry a multi-tool pocketknife and a USB stick literally everywhere, so hopefully, I’ve convinced you to do the same.

My lanyard, ironically without its AirTag

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