Care Package Ideas For Everyone

Care packages are always fun to send or receive and there’s plenty of ways to personalize them. Here are some basics to get you started depending on who you’re making one for!

If you’re a parent whose student is new to living away from home consider sending:

  • candy or snacks from back home
  • stationary refills (like your students favourite brand of pens)
  • gift card for a meal at a restaurant or to cover food delivery
  • a homemade treat (note: take into account how long it will be in the mail and how well it will handle being in transit)
  • new socks – I wish this was a joke but they get lost so easily in a residence washing machine. They also make great packing material if you need to protect something else in the package!

For someone who’s been under the weather:

  • tea
  • honey lozenges
  • vitamin and electrolyte powder packets
  • instant soup or noodles
  • another box of tissues (nothing worse than running out but not feeling well enough to get more)

For someone who’s prepping for an entrance exam like the GRE, LSAT, or MCAT:

  • a letter of encouragement
  • study snacks like popcorn
  • a way to pay for food delivery
  • a seat cushion/posture aid

Some other great ideas:

  • adult colouring book and pencil crayons or markers
  • handwritten letter
  • gift card/certificate for a hobby
  • collectable pins
  • throw blanket
  • slippers or super thick socks
  • hat and gloves (perfect for Victoria’s annual snow day!)

Of course these are just some ideas to get you started before adding in those personal touches. Let me know what some of your favourite items to send or receive in care packages are!

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