Rest & Relaxation on Campus

Have you ever caught yourself dozing off in class? I know I have. Sometimes, multiple hours of classes and studying can bring a student to the point of exhaustion. Luckily, the University of Victoria provides respite rooms!

These are individual rooms equipped with cots and window blinds to ensure comfort, darkness, and privacy. Cleaning supplies are provided to maximize safety. To gain access to these rooms, students can simply ask the loan desks in the McPherson Library or the Law Library for a key.

The respite room in the McPherson Library is located on the main floor is Room 132.

The respite room in the Law Library is located on the second floor in Room 258.

So, next time you have an hour break between classes, do your body a favour and catch up on the rest it needs. Remember, sleep helps memory (and memory helps test scores)!

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