If You Give a Mom a Plane Ticket

If you give your mom a plane ticket she will nag you about all of the house things you don’t do but should have done weeks ago. For example, during her visit, my mom encouraged me to clean the bathroom, the floors, organize, and mow the lawn.

My mom, Corinne, flew out from Saskatchewan to visit me in Victoria from May 1-9, 2022. Even though we have travelled a decent amount of the world together, we have never got to fully experience Victoria as a mother and daughter duo, since her pasts visits were to move me into living accommodations.

As this visit is the only time we will see each other this summer, we celebrated both of our June birthdays during her visit as well as Mother’s Day. It was a very busy and social 10 days of her sleeping in my house with me and my 5 other roommates.

During her visit, we did basic touristy Victoria activities and toured places with personal importance where I had made memories during my first couple of years studying at UVIC. I was excited to show her how I live now and how I’ve changed!

Day 1: Brunch and Buying Blundstones

We went to Shine Cafe for Brunch and I got a crazy mini egg hot chocolate! After, we walked downtown to hunt down waterproof shoes in preparation for the rainy Victoria weather.

woman with hot chocolate

Mini Egg hot chocolate at Shine Cafe before Blundstone hunting

Day 2: Planning for UEA Exchange, the Beach, and Re-organizing my House

It was a more relaxed day as it rained the majority of the day. We started the day by choosing and applying for my University of East Anglia classes for this upcoming September.

We then took a walk on Willows Beach where my mom could use her new Blundstones. After that we went to Dollarama for house products since my mom was eager to clean what 6 full time students didn’t have time to clean during the school year.

woman writing list

Mom helping me choose my UEA classes online

Mom taking Blundstone pictures on the beach to later share on Facebook

Day 3: Thrift Shopping, more family, and Thai food

Today I had planned to meet up with my friends for brunch downtown so my mom decided to go to Value Village on seniors day (30% off) and found my house more things she thought we ‘needed’.

In the afternoon we visited some family in Victoria and finished the day with dinner at The Little Thai Place, a local restaurant that has been voted the best Thai Place in the city!

Day 4: Surprise Vacation: Salt Spring Island

For my birthday, mom surprised me with an overnight trip to Salt Spring Island, where we stayed North of Ganges in a forest resort lodge called The Five Elements.

We were surrounded by lush and woodsy walking trails (which we took to the beach), a mini spa, and many winding roads.

On the BC Ferry to Salt Spring

Salt Spring Hike to Beach from our accommodation lodge (5 elements)

Salt Spring Hike to Beach from our accommodation lodge (5 elements)

Salt Spring Hike to Beach from our accommodation lodge (5 elements)

Day 5: Shopping on Salt Spring and returning to reality

We went into the town of Ganges and walked in the rain (thank God for Blundstones) experiencing and walking by the many shops and restaurants. At the end of our tourist perusing, we stopped at The Treehouse Cafe to enjoy a warm meal, bought some Salt Spring gelato, then hopped on an evening ferry.

Day 6: High Tea at Abkhazi Gardens and beach walk

For her Mother’s Day present, I bought us each afternoon teas at The Teahouse at Abkhazi Gardens where we were pampered as we ate amazing house-made baked goods and walked around the beginning blooming garden. Our next tea time will be in the UK when she visits me while I’m on UVIC exchange!

High Tea at the Teahouse at Abkhazi Gardens

Abkhazi Gardens

Abkhazi Gardens

Abkhazi Gardens

Day 7: The Breakwater and Game Night with the roomies

Saturday the forecast said no rain, so I took my mom out to Odgen Point Breakwater, where we walked all the way to the lighthouse in the crazy cold winds (instead of rain).

That night my mom and I hosted a popcorn and game night for a few of my friends and roommates. All 7 of us played charades, Heads Up, and guess the song.

The lighthouse at the Breakwater on a windy day

The lighthouse at the Breakwater on a windy day

Day 8: Mother’s Day, Mount Doug, and “The Last Supper” 

Mom and I began our Mother’s Day with brunch at John’s Place where she attempted to eat as much of her two massive whole grain pancakes as possible (I helped her finish one). Then we went thrift shopping downtown (her favourite sport).

I brought her to the CFUV radio station on the UVIC campus to help me with my personal podcast project. We went to Mount Douglas to see a 360 degree view of Victoria. We finished her last day as she treated my roommates and I out at Nubo Japanese Tapas.

John’s Place Mother’s Day Brunch!!

John’s Place Mother’s Day Brunch!!

In the CFUV radio station during our interview from my mom’s POV

Top of Mount Douglas

NUBO Japanese Tapas

Sushi board full of each of our chosen sushi rolls to share amongst all 5 of us (mom paid to thank you for letting her stay in our house).

Day 9: Leaves me at 6am to cook by myself again

As much as I enjoyed having my mom stay with me for a week to celebrate finishing my second year of university, mother’s day, and both of our birthdays, I was eager to get back my bed and independence. I am so grateful for our time together as it felt like old days when we would travel and explore new places.

During this trip, the most important people in my life met each other: my Victoria family and my mom.

Before she left she told me in our interview: “I think people can find a home in themselves but family is found in others.”

I definitely can say that I can find a home wherever I go because I create deep and meaningful relationships that become family, but in the end, my mom will always be my main comfort, my biggest fan, and one of my biggest inspirations.

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