My Top 5 Victoria Eating Out Experiences

Here are some of my favourite eating experiences this past term as a foodie UVIC student (not in any specific order).

Spoons Diner

Spoons keeps me coming back as a regular because of their commitment to the unique, always changing dishes.

The Candy Crunch and Chocolate Peanut Butter milkshakes (feat. Maya)

The weekly specials are insanely innovative and crazy. The monthly specials are called the “Community Support Feature” where 100% of the profits go towards local organizations.

They’re home of my favourite dish “The Prusa”, where the chef makes you whatever they feel like making you. My dining-in experiences feel like Christmas morning! You never know what you’re going to get. The best part is that you can choose from Sweet, Savoury, both, AND vegetarian.

I’m IN LOVE WITH THEIR MILKSHAKES! From Candy Crunch to Lavender, they have a variety of fun milkshakes for anyone to try. Hack: I get sweet milkshakes to go with my savoury meals so I get the best of both worlds (Hannah Montana taught me well).

They have AMAZING staff who enjoy their job. I have made personal connections with every server I’ve had.

“The Prusa” made with my preferences: savoury and vegetarian (feat. Meghan)

The “Lox-Smith” (Smoked salmon, avocado, arugula and lemon dill cream cheese on grilled English muffins, topped with two poached eggs, pickled onions, fried capers and traditional hollandaise) Weekly Special and the chocolate brownie French toast “Community Support Feature”

Pizzeria Prima Strada

Prima Strada is probably the best pizza my tastebuds have experienced. This place serves wood-fired pizzas!!

I sat at the bar, where it felt like a fancy Subway; the cooks would stretch the dough, dress the pizzas and put them in the wood fire oven IN FRONT OF YOU (behind glass)!

They have amazing weekly specials. I had a special and subbed it to be vegetarian and they were very flexible with my request! Every pizza comes with chili oil.

When I went, I ate my own entire pizza AND shared gelato AND tiramisu with my friend for dessert. Every plate and bowl was empty before we left, and I don’t even like coffee and the tiramisu.

Focaccia bread, Funghi supremo, and the weekly special in front of a Pizza Subway counter

Burger Crush

I had the most tasty, fresh, and giant vegetarian burger at Burger Crush. I’ve eaten at IN-N-OUT Burger in LA and this beats it in my opinion!

The fries are cooked in peanut oil (so crispy and yum) and came in a giant portion, which is great to share with friends!

My milkshake was sooo satisfying. You could choose between vegan or regular. The strawberries were chunky so the shake was more of a fresh fruit experience rather than an added sugar overload.

Best Victoria Burger experience feat. Jordyn

Jam Cafe

Crazy specials at Jam! I ordered their sweet special which was two giant pancakes topped with buttered popcorn, salted caramel syrup, and crushed kitkat chocolate bars!

I’m more of a savoury girl but this was the most exciting and unique sweet experience. I don’t regret going sweet this time!

The Weekly Special: The best sweet breakfast I’ve ever had in my life

John’s Place

The “Catch 22” on my reading date with myself

John’s Place has AMAZING Churro waffles with home made cream cheese syrup. This is where I had the best waffle experience of my life.

I got the Catch 22 which consisted of both sweet and savoury: a “Veggie Benny”, and a churro waffle.

It was late morning on a Saturday and I only had to wait around 7 minutes in the line up. I took myself on a brunch date and read a book.


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