My UVIC Student Wellness Centre Experience

Mental health matters motivational quote on the letter board. Inspiration psychological text with geometric shapesDuring the second term of my second year at UVIC, I decided to get professional help for my mental illness. I am currently recovering from an eating disorder and The Student Wellness Centre has helped me start and stay committed!

I’ve had history with an eating disorder back in 2020, when school moved to online due to COVID-19. I relapsed in 2022 when school was online for the first three weeks of second term.

My mental illness took over my thoughts, focus, actions, and decisions. I recognized these disordered eating thoughts from my past and wanted to get help to FULLY recover. This time, I had to go through the recovery process without my mother’s support, home cooked meals, and reminders to eat.

I felt very alone in my recovery, as I had to become my own support in a head against my eating disorder’s voice. I decided that if I wanted to fully recover, I’d need extra help against these intrusive voices.

I began by obsessively listening and watching podcasts and YouTube videos, but it wasn’t until I received professional help that my recovery started. I’ve learned that you can feel inspired by people’s stories and advice, but recovery doesn’t begin until actions are taken.

Ever since I reached out to professionals to help me recover from my ED when I was a full-time student, recovery became possible.

My recovery journey has been a supportive, comforting, and loving experience, while professionals emphasize that mistakes and set backs are bound to happen. It doesn’t matter how fast or slow my recovery is, what matters is that I’m IN recovery (which means taking actions).

UVic health & wellness building

Health & Wellness Building

Through UVIC Student Wellness I have received care from:

A nurse

in person consultation at the Student Wellness Centre in the Health and Wellness Building, who connected me to…

A mental health nurse

in person at the Student Wellness Centre

who I see every month for check ins where I get weighed and my blood pressure taken to check in with my progress

who referred me to Support Connect to request free consultation from…

A dietitian 

who encourages me to eat regularly on a mechanical eating plan

who creates weekly meal plans for me which includes shopping lists, minimum portion sizes, and exciting new recipes that are based on my food preferences

who has allowed me to enjoy at-home cooking

A doctor

who I meet in-person at the Student Wellness Centre and over video chat

who asked me personal health questions and gave me a basic check up

who gave me a referral for LifeLabs to get my blood tested

who referred me to…

A psychiatrist

who asked me personal health questions

who told me that I have a great team of professionals that will ensure an achievable recovery


I have also reached out to

A personal counsellor who specializes in eating disorders.

who allows me to talk about my goals, challenges, and ED thoughts

who helps Annika’s voice overpower her eating disorder voice

who wants me to live a life without my mental illness controlling who I am and how I live.

My recovery team all work together against my mental illness to lessen its power over my life. I am so grateful for Student Wellness, their workers and their fast scheduling.

My team is so supportive and I wouldn’t be this far in recovery without them.


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