My Artistic Process in a Website

During the spring 2022 semester, I took two digital media arts classes alongside two writing classes.

My final assignment in Arts Education 322 was to create a personal website. I decided to create my website reflecting my artist process, which I just learned about this past term.

My website is called, “Art is in Curiosity” and engages users to engage with my final artworks and their individual processes to evoke a response that engages their own perspective, creativity, and art. For example, I created question prompts for the viewer to respond to through the creation of their own art inspired by my artist process.

Here is what I’ve learned about who I am as an artist from creating my “Artist Collaboration Website”:

1. My goal for my art is have my audience get a kick of curiosity. I want to my art to evoke the yearn to learn as a viewer will begin to ask more questions about the world and themselves.

I want the questions I used in my process to be expressed from my final art piece to immediately have a reflecting and questioning effect on the viewer. I want my audience to answer my art’s questions by creating their own art, whether that be in their head or as a physical form.

My artistic goal is to have my audience to feel more engaged with the human experience, deciding how they can learn more about my themes.

2. My artist process looks like constantly asking questions and staying curious. I believe learning is how we fully experience our lives, and when we go out to learn something new, life becomes new and exciting every day.

My art was enhanced by asking others to be a part of my process, whether that be asking people questions, researching artists and material, or connecting other’s perspectives to my core concepts.

3. I overcame the famous ‘writer’s block’ or ‘artist’s block’ by asking questions. I found that I began connecting my digital art classes to my writing classes in how to resolve the obstacles, challenges, and inspiration blocks.

I become inspired when I asked my peers and professors about how I could move forward with my core concept. I also asked myself questions to answer through research. Any way that I used curiosity would result in a multiple new pathways to choose to walk down.

4. I learned how to evoke action from art by asking my viewers to respond through creating their own art or adding in their own perspective.

I believe emulation in art is how one can enhance a piece, because multiple perspectives interpreting a universal concept/idea creates community and reveals the beauty in our differences/uniqueness.

When someone adds their own voice to past structures, this creates an entirely new work created by a different perspective. I believe the full human experience is lived by noticing how different perspectives or our differences can enhance innovation.

Learning and teaching can be reciprocated if both parties are engaging in creating art which immediately expresses their artist voice/personal perspective.

Check out my website and engage in learning through responding to what I learned. Show me your artist voice by responding to my art by sharing yours.

I want my website users to engage with my questions by answering with their own artist voice, their perspective, their art.

Annika Olson’s Website

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