What is Comedy Art?

Do you know about comedy art? Well get knowing, because it has a very important part in society.

I found that my best art plays on my humour and my serious side. In my Art 262 Digital Media II class I created a 3D animation using a 3D modelling software, Blender, as one of my assignments. My animation is called “The Oblong OlymBicks” which can be found on my YouTube channel.

My art content plays off of my punny sense of humour, while the context talks on behalf of my personal weakness, perfectionism.

I created fictional characters called Olympickles, who show up and present their best while still being appreciated, and applauded even if they made mistakes. At the end of the day, each pickle becomes equal since they all did the best they could.

I used writing and comedic background within the technically challenging parts of the assignment, making it personal and fun to make. I had to learn how to animate using keyframes, camera angles, lighting, timing, and 3D body movements.

My 3D animation made the cut for the comedy art exhibit called “Get it?” put on by a few visual art grad students. My art was presented in the sculpture yard of the Visual Arts Building inside “The Crummy Gallery”.

I had my art presented on a mini TV where headphones allowed for a full Olympickle auditory experience.

I created comedy art by mixing my humour with my passion to engage an audience. Remember, even silly gooses have big brains.

Next time you need to engage an audience, use humour alongside seriousness in the attempt of shifting a perspective that can lead to creating change. Translating an underlying message through comedy is a positive and engaging experience for any viewer. Where can your comedy take you?

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