Funding Your Next Year at UVic

As a student, it’s pretty much the norm to be on a budget throughout university. Tuition is expensive, and so is the cost of living from housing (yikes!) to groceries to gas.

Life is already busy enough, with school as a full-time job in of itself. Working a part-time job on top of that only adds to an already busy schedule, and can leave many students extremely burnt-out in order to pay for school.

To make life easier, one of the best ways to help fund your university degree in my opinion is through scholarships and bursaries. These are usually financial prizes awarded based on need, academic merit, or other criteria and do not have to be repaid, unlike a loan.

UVic’s scholarship and bursary application process for the next academic year opened recently on April 1, 2022, and will remain open until May 31, 2022. The application process is smooth and quite easy, in many cases only requiring you to fill out a single budget sheet which is used towards all the awards you decided to apply for. Some scholarships and bursaries do not even require you to apply for them: you may be considered automatically if you meet certain award-specific criteria.

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Scholarships and bursaries have helped me out tremendously throughout my university experience and have overall made life a lot easier.

Comparing the amount of hours I would have to work at my part-time job to make the amount received from some financial awards can really help put their importance into perspective.

I think it’s worth it for everyone to apply for what scholarships and bursaries you can, because you never know what might come out of it… an hour applying might reap huge rewards.

For more information about financial awards at UVic:

More general information on financial aid at UVic can be found here.

I also suggest you take a look at other scholarships and bursaries available to you that are not UVic-affiliated. There’s lots out there — good luck applying!

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