5 Favourite Spots on my Exchange University’s Campus

These are my favourite spots at Utrecht University, where I’m doing an exchange.

1. The library

This 6-floor maze always has beautiful natural light shining in when it’s sunny, lighting up the bamboo designs on the windows. I love studying here, usually on the silent floors, and enjoying the views of the campus.

2. The greenspace, and of course the fields full of sheep

Utrecht University is surrounded with open fields filled with sheep, goats, and other animals from nearby farms.

There is also a large forested park called Amelisweerd a 5 minute walk from campus, filled with trails for biking, walking, and running.

I love having nature so close to where I study and live, it always makes for a nice break in the day if I want to go for a walk or a bike ride.

sheep in field

3. The outdoor gyms

There are at least two outdoor gyms that I have found so far on the university campus, and at least one more in Bunk, a town that’s only 10-15 minutes away by bike through Amelisweerd park. These gyms are a great cheap option for staying healthy, especially during the pandemic.

4. The Minnaertgebouw

I have two of my classes in this building on campus, which is quite extensive and has many different study spaces available. My favourite are the little booth nooks with windows.


5. Home!

My room is up on the 13th floor of my residence building, where I share a kitchen and living room with 6 other students. It’s always a nice and cozy place to come back to at the end of a long and busy day, or just to quickly make lunch in between classes.

student bedroom

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