5 Ways I Make My Morning Commute Better

I like to complain a lot about how much time I have to spend getting to and from UVic every day living 40 minutes away from campus. However, I’ve learned that no amount of lamenting will actually make that commute better.

Mornings are the hardest for me. In the afternoon, I actually welcome a longer drive home so I can process the events of my day and take a breather before getting started on homework. But mornings–they suck. There’s more traffic, my coffee hasn’t set in, and I’m always anxious about not having enough time to find a parking spot and walk to class.

Therefore, I’ve had to find ways to make that morning commute a little better each day. Maybe they can make your commute better as well! Here are my suggestions:

1. Always give yourself an extra ten minutes

digital clock reading 11:11 on white wall

Photo by team voyas on Unsplash

One way to ease my anxiety about being late to school is to always give myself an extra ten minutes.

Whether it’s unexpected construction, stopping at too many red lights, or snarled traffic from an accident, ten minutes is usually enough of a buffer zone despite any of these encounters.

And if all goes according to plan on the drive, you’ve got an extra ten minutes to grab a coffee before class!

2. Carpool with a friend

Driving in the mornings is infinitely better if it’s not spent alone.

Grab a friend on the way to school for fun conversations, someone to vent to about annoying drivers, and a person to sit with if traffic chills out and you end up arriving way too early.

3. Listen to artists you’re going to go see in concert

I’ve found a good way to pump myself up in the morning is to listen to artists I’m going to see in concert because it gets me excited.

How will a certain song sound live as opposed to my car? Do I know all the lyrics to that one? Will they play this even though it’s not from their recent album? Suddenly, your morning commute has turned you into a super fan.

4. Change up your playlists

I get bored of music easily – especially if it’s the same group of songs in a playlist that I’ve had on repeat for months.

Try out some new songs, check out that band your friend is obsessed with that you’ve never heard of, or give a Spotify curated list a chance. You’re going to be a music wizard before you know it!

5. Listen to a podcast

I know, I know. It’s like the most overused tip in the book. I never thought I could be a podcast person! But I’ve found that podcasts have totally transformed my morning commute because they engage my brain during a lot of mindless idling.

I like funny, pop-culture podcasts and my favourite right now is Brooke and Connor Make a Podcast. I also enjoy Crime Junkie, and a podcast two of my friends made called Talking About Nothing with Evan and Keelan (which I was on once!). I’m totally open to trying some new ones though, so send me your podcast recommendations!

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