Ukraine Protests in Germany: Photos

As we all know by now, Russia has invaded Ukraine and effectively declared war. I’ve spent the last week or so watching and reading the news as the heartbreaking events are unfolding, as well as discussing the situation with friends and family.

Last Sunday I decided to attend a protest against Russia’s actions organized in Cologne, Germany, where I was staying with a friend. I brought my camera with me, as I always do, and I captured some of the protest.

For reference about the situation and why this is happening, I found this video to be especially helpful in understanding the complexity of the situation. It’s a bit of a lengthy explanation, but very thorough and insightful — I highly recommend it.

Additionally, if you are able to help, there are many organizations that are providing aid to the Ukrainians that have fled to nearby countries. War is not the answer, and I just hope that the terror unleashed upon the people of Ukraine ends soon.

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