Expression in the Streets of Brussels: Photos

As an exchange student in Europe from Canada, one of the best parts of living in Europe is how close everything is to each other. I mean, you drive a couple hours in any direction from where I go to university and you’re in a new country!

I’ve decided to take fun advantage of the geography of Europe over this next semester abroad. And so, last weekend, a few friends and I took off to Belgium for the weekend.

We wandered through the streets of Brussels, trying the famous Belgian waffles as well as fries wrapped in newspaper with their special “frites sauce”, and of course Belgian beer.

We spent hours in the national art gallery and and we marvelled at intricate and majestic architecture of the Grand-Place de Bruxelles. I even got to see the headquarters of the European Parliament which made my inner Poli-Sci-major very happy.

Overall, it was a wonderful and dreamy weekend which I tried to capture through my camera here and there. One of the things that continuously stuck out to me over the weekend was the street art, which was absolutely EVERYWHERE throughout the city. Take a look at some of the street art found throughout Brussels in my photos below.


Photos by Sam Rae Harriss

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