Back-To-School Thoughts (Vlog)

The time has come. UVic is officially returning to in-person classes!

As a 2nd year nursing student who is currently studying at Camosun, I’m in a little bit of a weird position regarding the return to in-person classes. Rather than following UVic’s decision to have the first two weeks of the winter 2022 semester online, Camosun decided that in-person classes would remain from the get-go.

Therefore, the return to in-person classes may not be as exciting to me compared to all of you out there. However, back in the beginning of the fall 2021 semester, I remember how my mind was filled with a myriad of thoughts as in-person classes were returning after the 1.5ish years of total online learning.

I ended up making a vlog around this time (which I completely forgot to post) to help organize these thoughts and feelings. Even though this was made back in September 2021, pretty much all the points still linger in my head to some degree.

Are you having similar thoughts as you go back into in-person classes?


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2 Responses

  1. Serena Chui says:

    hi! just came from youtube after watching your nursing student life at camosun. i’m interested in studying nursing at uvic. is it possible to start at UVic directly (first and second year) and take nursing prerequisites at UVic or is starting at Camosun the standard/recommended route?

    • MyUVicLife says:

      Hi Serena! Thanks for your interest in the University of Victoria!

      Our undergraduate nursing program requires that students complete two years at one of our partner institutions before transferring to the University of Victoria.

      The UVic School of Nursing does not accept applications from applicants attending an educational institute outside of their partnerships with Aurora College, Camosun College, College of the Rockies and Selkirk College.

      For more information, please visit the Nursing page at