Caffeinated On-Campus

As a student, it is not uncommon to undergo those late night and early morning study sessions on campus when preparing for a midterm or finishing that paper due the next day. Luckily, UVic offers a ton of options when it comes to caffeinated beverages. Here are (in my opinion) the top five places to visit and what to order.

1. Biblio Cafe

Biblio Cafe, conveniently located right under the McPherson library. This place is great for not only drinks but snacks, sandwiches, and study spots!

From here, I recommend the matcha latte – as a matcha fan, no other cafe does it quite like this one.

BiblioCafe customers sitting at tables

2. Starbucks

A classic go-to is the campus Starbucks, found in the bus loop. This gives me an excuse to grab a drink first thing in the morning: my bus takes me right there!

Starbucks, as you may know, has quite a large drink variety, and rumour has it there is even a secret menu.

Personally, I get an Americano Misto here (and ask for the biggest size I can get). This usually lasts me through my first lecture and gives me the extra energy I need.

3. Mac’s

This little spot is a hidden gem if you are located by the MacLaurin Building – not only do they have coffee, but a build-it-yourself sandwich bar!

I myself am a sucker for stopping by after classes to have a whole wheat wrap and a coffee. At this spot, I like to keep it simple and order a dark roast coffee: it is super cheap and always fresh. 

4. Cinecenta Munchie Bar

The Munchie Bar is an essential stop for a UVic student roaming the Student Union Building in hopes for caffeine, a tasty treat, or even movie popcorn! (This is the only cafe I know of where you can get POPCORN!)

Here, I opt for a fancier treat, and will grab an iced coffee – slushie style! This especially hits the spot on a warm spring day. 

5. Bean There Cafe

This cafe is located in the Student Union Building, right beside Felicitia’s, the campus pub. You absolutely cannot go wrong ordering a London Fog and will NOT regret it.

The service is lovely and they always have a wide variety of muffins to pair perfectly with the beverage.


I hope this offers some guidance next time you find yourself on UVic campus and feel the need to kick that caffeine craving!

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