Reading Break trip to Port Renfrew

Reading break is for reading right? Well, sometimes.

In my opinion, reading break at UVic is also a time for everyone to recharge, to catch up on sleep and Netflix shows (and assignments too, sure), and to spend at least ONE day not thinking about school at all.

In true reading break fashion, I went on a mini vacation to Port Renfrew with my family. We envisioned visiting some of Vancouver Island’s best beaches while we were there (Botanical, Sombrio, Mystic), but unfortunately, it poured rain the entire time.

Instead, we enjoyed great food, the amazing view from our cabin, and sitting by the fire playing card games and reading books (some of them even for school!).

At first, I was nervous about going on a trip during one of the craziest times of the semester because I felt like I had too much work I should be focusing on. But I’m glad I took a couple days off to enjoy this getaway with my family. Although it didn’t turn out exactly as planned, it was definitely what I needed to relax and reset my brain going into the final weeks of the semester.

Here’s a video I made of my trip to Port Renfrew this reading break!

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