Getting the most out of the West Coast Virtual Fairs

Guest post by Katy DeCoste

For lots of us, the phrase “career fair” makes us think of long lines, fistfuls of brochures, anxiety about networking, and getting lost in a maze of booths. As a student, it can be hard to know where to go, who to talk to or what to ask.

two women at career fair

Instead of waiting in lines at booths, you can schedule one-on-one time to connect with employers online at the West Coast Virtual Fair. (Note: this photo was taken at an in-person event prior to the COVID-19 pandemic.)

Luckily, UVic has made it easy to take part by putting this year’s West Coast Virtual Fair online! From October 4 to 7 (11 a.m. – 4 p.m. PST), you can meet 230+ exhibitors, network with employers and attend workshops to set you up for success during the fair and in your job hunt.

What should you say to employers?

We get it – talking to employers can be scary. So why not sign up for free prep sessions to help you get the most out of fair?

Virtual prep sessions will help you feel cool, collected, and confident approaching employers. (Note: this photo was taken at an in-person event prior to the COVID-19 pandemic.)

Here’s a breakdown to make it fun and easy:

  1. Starting Sept 27, sign up for one-on-one and group sessions with employers and grad schools

Once you’ve signed up for the fair, you can sign up for sessions with exhibitors most suited to your goals and interests. Plus, with the event scheduled from 11am to 4pm October 5-7, you can choose sessions to fit your schedule.

  1. On October 4, take part in prep sessions

Let’s face it, talking to employers can be intimidating. On October 4, attend workshops to help you feel confident. Panels include: Work Search Post-Pandemic, Ace Your Grad School Application, Navigate the Fair, and Networking Like a Pro.

  1. Write it down

Do you have a burning question about your dream job in the arts sector? Are you curious about the LSAT scores you need to get into your top law school? Write down your questions before the fair so that you remember what you want to ask exhibitors. Remember, a job hunt goes two ways!

What should you bring to the fair?

man and woman talking in office

You can get support from a career educator even at a virtual event! Career educators are ready to support you during the fair. (Note: this photo was taken prior to the COVID-19 pandemic.)

Now is a great time to update your resumé. What skills did you build in your last job? Don’t forget that your academic and extracurricular experience are valuable too. Practice listing your strengths and explaining how you’ve used them. You’ll be able to talk to employers about what you bring to the table, and you’ll feel more confident too!

What if you need support?

Even after a lot of preparation, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and nervous at a career fair.

Don’t worry – you can pop into a virtual support room to chat with a career advisor during the fair.

Or, if you find yourself battling your conferencing software, reach out for tech support at

Sign up for the fair today

Registration for the West Coast Virtual Fairs: Careers, Volunteer, and Graduate Schools is open now in the Co-op and Career portal. Prep sessions take place on October 4th, and the Fair runs from October 5th-7th (11am to 4pm PST).

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