Guide to Meal Prepping

Meal prepping is a thing that everyone has to learn sooner or later, especially if you are only cooking for yourself. It is almost impossible to make a new meal every mealtime, every day. That’s where meal prepping comes in.

If you’ve never heard of meal prepping before, it’s when you pick one or two days per week and cook the food for the whole week or the following few days. It requires lots of planning but it saves so much time in the long run.

I have a bullet journal that I use for my meal planning. I pick out two different meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and then rotate them throughout the week. Then I’ll make a list of all the ingredients I need to make those recipes, check off the things I already own, and then go and buy the remaining items at the grocery store.

I like to cook twice a week: Sunday and Thursday (although those days change for me all the time). So for Sunday, I’ll make breakfast, lunch, and dinner for Monday to Wednesday. And then on Thursday, I do it for the rest of the week. I used labelled containers to store everything in the fridge so that all I have to do when I want to eat is pull out the container and heat it up.

Always make sure that you check your fridge before grocery shopping so that you can make recipes with the things that are about to expire. Also, not every meal has to be home-cooked. Sometimes canned soup is all you need when you just don’t have the time to meal prep right away.

Some of my favourite breakfasts to prepare are smoothies, oatmeal, and apples with peanut butter. For lunch, I love vegetable soup, chilli, and sandwiches. And for dinner, I make stir fry, rice bowls, and veggie burgers with veggies!

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