100 Low Waste Swaps

Beeswax wraps covering the food in my fridge

Want to transition to a low-waste lifestyle? Don’t know where to start? Here are 100 low-waste swaps you can try:

  1. Beeswax wrap for foil
  2. Metal straws
  3. Tote bags for plastic bags
  4. Reusable napkins
  5. Hand towels for paper towels
  6. Hankies for Kleenex 
  7. Toilet paper made from recycled materials
  8. Bar soap
  9. Bar shampoo and conditioner
  10. Glass rather than plastic cosmetic containers
  11. Bamboo toothbrush
  12. Tooth tabs instead of paste
  13. True earth or soap nuts instead of regular laundry detergent
  14. Thrift clothes
  15. Dryer balls instead of dryer sheets
  16. Cora ball
  17. Buy clothes without microplastics

    Dish towels instead of paper towel

  18. Buy in bulk
  19. Essential oils instead of Febreze
  20. DIY cleaning products
  21. Online books/notes
  22. Refillable pens
  23. Buying local
  24. Powder dry shampoo rather than spray
  25. Henna hair dye
  26. Bar dish soap
  27. Vegetable brush
  28. Washable dish clothes rather than sponges
  29. Mason jars!!!
  30. Safety razor
  31. Bar shaving cream

    Reusable straws and chopsticks

  32. Low waste sunscreen that is coral safe
  33. DIY face masks/sugar scrubs
  34. Reusable masks
  35. Say no to receipts or get them emailed
  36. Bring utensils places to avoid take out boxes
  37. Compost
  38. Silicone cupcake liners
  39. Compostable coffee filters
  40. Use paper bags for garbage
  41. Make coffee at home rather than getting single-use cups
  42. Fabric cotton rounds
  43. Reusable pads or diva cup
  44. Reusable ear swab
  45. Plastic-free floss
  46. Mouthwash tabs

    zero waste detergent and dryer balls

  47. Loofa plant
  48. Bring fabric produce bags to the grocery store
  49. Water bottle
  50. Charcoal stick as a water filter
  51. Stasher bags
  52. Compostable dish scrubs
  53. Tea ball
  54. “Eat me now” area in the fridge
  55. Compostable phone case from pela
  56. Plastic free deodorant
  57. Low waste facial cleanser
  58. Compostable hair ties
  59. Wooden comb
  60. Highlighter pencils
  61. Decomposition notebook
  62. Stainless-steel scissors
  63. Plastic-free tape

    A vegetable brush and different zero waste dish cleaners

  64. Reusable k-cups
  65. Coconut oil as a makeup remover
  66. Bamboo cooking utensils
  67. Silicone baking mat
  68. Reusable lighter
  69. LED light bulbs
  70. Reusable magnetic cosmetic palettes
  71. Compostable glitter
  72. Hand sanitizer in glass containers 
  73. Stain remover bar
  74. Bamboo or wooden pot scrapers
  75. Bottle brushes
  76. Lip balm in paper containers
  77. Patch compostable bandaids
  78. Homemade decorations
  79. Wrap gifts with old newspaper
  80. Homemade gifts
  81. Glasses over contacts
  82. Library over bookstore
  83. Dissolvable dish pods

    Reusable zip-lock bags

  84. Borrow from a friend
  85. Fake and reusable Christmas tree
  86. Reusable holiday decor
  87. Used electronics
  88. Get one of those fancy phones in Europe that are eco
  89. Try thrift flipping
  90. Trying growing your own veggies
  91. Go on a hike rather than shopping
  92. Make rook decor with nature
  93. Lucky iron fish (to replace iron supplements)
  94. Buy candles made without petroleum 
  95. Felted soap
  96. Go to a farmers market
  97. Shop local
  98. Try to eat mainly plant-based
  99. Use plastic-free gum or switch to mints
  100. Avoid microbeads in skincare products

And remember, using what you already have instead of buying something will always be the most sustainable!

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