Calligraphy? Handlettering? What’s that fancy font?

When I was a senior in high school, I became quite obsessed with making cards and *attempting* to write fancy fonts with just my pen and pencils. I was determined to learn how to create “bouncy” words and make my words into art.

Mixing up different design elements is definitely part of the fun! I love the way the sparkles look on the ombre pink underneath!

Since then, I’ve been practising on and off and soon incorporated it into my studies! Maybe because it’s tapping into the more “artistic” and creative side of my brain compared to the usual quantitative side but I found even just writing a cute title for my notes made me more excited to write notes!

Now you can look at your notes and smile!

Focusing on handlettering acts as a source of relaxation for me. It helps me de-stress during school and is surprisingly therapeutic! I also use it for planning my semester out since I’m a visual learner, there’s something about digital and online calendars and to-do lists that just don’t cut it.

Title pages like these aren’t super necessary but it was a good break from studying!

I’m all for going out and trying new things – whether that’s crocheting (which I’m still trying to learn…), playing a new sport, or even refraining from choosing your go-to dish at a restaurant! There are so many little things we can change in our lives that might turn into something bigger. And if it turns out that it’s not your thing, then at least you can say you tried!

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