Learning Across Fields (#1): Self



This is going to be a bit different than other blogs I’ve written.

My original plan was to create a bunch of questions about my time at UVic, with the aim of giving newer students perspective and perhaps…guidance.

But then I realized that my so-called “advice” would be limited for readers to interpret. And so, I decided to also ask my close friends if they could open up and share what they’ve learned over the years. They kindly agreed. All of my friends that I’ve gathered here are from a diverse array of fields, most of whom are graduating UVic within a year (me included).

My hope now is to give people a chance to engage in a reflective dialogue with themselves and maybe with others in our community. In this sense, I encourage whoever is reading this, to ponder these questions as if they were being addressed to you.

After all, novel ideas only take fruition from a transdisciplinary network of people. That is why I named this mini blog series, “Learning Across Fields” or LAF for short.

Anyways, without further ado, let’s begin the first entries in this online conversation…

Theme #1: The Self

Question #1: What is one thing you’ve learned about yourself that has helped you across each new semester?


Aidan – Perfection

Computer Sciences

I’ve come to realize that I easily get into my head and let my self-doubt or lack of understanding of a topic get in the way of my learning. I’ve learned now that it’s ok to not understand something, even if it seems like your peers are learning it no problem.

Everyone learns at different rates and as long as you can say that you knew more than you did the week before, then you’re doing just fine and you shouldn’t let new concepts scare you!

I like to tell myself that…

No one concept can be that difficult to understand, otherwise, nobody would. You just have to tackle it in small pieces until they add up to a complete picture.



Jose – Learning

Financial Mathematics

In my opinion, each person will have two types of learning experiences during university.

Firstly, academic learning, which is expected since you’re paying for an education.

And secondly, you’ll learn new things about yourself, that can range from new preferences to how much workload you can handle on a single day.

In short, every semester will surprise you with unexpected revelations.



Jake – Better Coffee

Earth and Ocean Sciences

I’ve learned that I really… really… don’t like Folgers coffee.



Ethan – Discipline


It’s not so much what you do within classes that influence your mood and satisfaction at UVic, but rather what you’re able to maintain outside of it.

Don’t get me wrong, effective studying will always be important, any upper-year will tell you that. However, what makes the uni-life exciting is our ability to find time for healthy and enjoyable activities. For me, this comes down to chatting with my friends regularly and having a disciplined daily routine of working out/waking-up.

University revolves around your life, not the other way around.



Colin – Engagement

Biomedical Engineering

I’ve learned, perhaps unsurprisingly, that I’m highly motivated by subjects I find engaging. When a course is interesting to me, putting in a little extra effort doesn’t feel like a chore, it’s often fun.

“Do what you love” is cliche advice, but I’ve learned that it’s not only more fun to do what I enjoy, but also far more efficient.



Francis – Knowing

Political Science

One thing that I have learned about myself is that I don’t know myself as well as I’d like to. I like to think that I have things figured out but life constantly makes me re-evaluate my plans. With each new semester comes opportunities to learn and uncover new things about myself, in ways I never thought I’d known.

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