A Winter Evening on Campus

Although I can’t quite identify it, there is something about the UVic campus that I feel deeply connected to. Perhaps it’s the quad, the place where I would laugh my worries away with some friends. Or maybe it’s that one seat on the third floor of the library that never failed to get me into the zone of studying.

Similar thoughts arose during last summer, which led me on a reflective stroll across campus. I also wrote about it and took a few photos (Check it out here!).

In addition to the pandemic, my recent decision to switch into the Nursing Program has also restricted my ability to visit as I am currently taking classes with Camosun. As a result, it has been nearly seven months since I last stepped foot on campus. So, I figured it would be nice to take a second reflective stroll.

Due to the weather, I couldn’t feel my face and may have banged my tailbone a couple times. However, the journey was 100% worth it as I was presented with an absolute winter wonderland. The walk was definitely one of the highlights of my reading break!

Here are some photos that took. I hope you enjoy them!

Shoutout to these signs for making first year slightly less stressful!

A bit hard to tell from this photo, but the snowman in the back is absolutely MASSIVE.

Surprised and somewhat proud of the successful cramming that has taken place in these classrooms.

Never thought I’d say this, but I miss the McPherson library and the productivity that I’ve associated with it.

My go-to place for good food and deep chats.

Ending off the day with a view of one of the nicest looking buildings on campus in my opinion.

Bonus: My new favourite mug!

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