The 10 Best Parts of Having A Work From Home Co-op

People can get their heads stuck into a cycle of negativity and sometimes just need someone to switch on the lights to snap them out of it. That happened to me today.

One of my friends mentioned writing a quick note before bed containing what they enjoyed or thought went well today. To contrast this, my normal thoughts before bed are about the tasks I need to get done the next day and reflecting on what I didn’t like or could have done better during the day. I hadn’t even considered thinking about the things I enjoyed about the day until I heard them say that because I was stuck in a cycle of negativity.

You are probably thinking — what does this have to do with a work-from-home co-op? Did you accidentally start writing the wrong article?

Actually no, this is about working from home.

I have noticed that whenever I discuss doing school from home or working from home with my peers, it is always discussed in a negative light. So, I have decided to switch it up and share what I enjoy about working from home.

1. My room

My setup

I was lucky enough to have my parents turn our spare bedroom into a home office for me.

Not only do I have a designated place to work, but now I have a place in my house other than my room to get some personal space during Covid (definitely a premium with four people at home).

2. Sleeping in

If I wanted to start work at 7:00 am and go into the office, I would have to wake up at 5:30 am so I could do the hour commute in.

Now I can get out of bed at 6:50 am and still be a few minutes early!

My alarm

3. Pajama bottoms

Honestly, Adidas track pants with a dress shirt on is a new favourite look of mine (probably because I don’t look at it). It’s the perfect balance of comfort and professionalism for the online environment.

4. Lunchtime workouts

Watch out freshman 15! There is the Covid 19 on the loose. Ironically, 19 is probably close to the number of pounds everyone has put on.

Luckily, an hour lunch break at home is plenty to eat and go for a walk or do a home workout. The perfect lunch for me looks like: 30min workout, 15min shower, 15min for food.

5. Singing along to Spotify

Working by yourself and plugging away? You can sing along to your favourite songs as carefree and loud as you want. Bet that you cannot do that in the office.

6. My space heater

I never thought my doing work in my chilly basement could be my happy place, but man, turning that heater on right beside me is like heaven on earth.

Darth Heater is the best part of this post

7. Personal space

In public or in the office, there is a certain part of you that cannot fully relax because people are always watching.

When you work from home, you can finally have some personal space, just be yourself, and relax.

8. Online coffee chats

Going for a coffee in person normally requires being nearby, or dedicating time to travel to the place you are meeting with someone.

Online, you can connect instantly and dedicate your time completely to connecting with the other person. This also means it’s easier to fit into your day!

9. Saving money

When I went to pick up some equipment from my office, parking alone was $15.95. Imagine that plus me forgetting lunch and having to buy something. Definitely is saving me some $$$.

10. Less stress

From my perspective, presenting online is many times more comfortable than in-person. I also enjoy that when you are done, you can also turn your camera off, relax, and allow the adrenaline to leave your system.


I hope you enjoyed this and that it inspires you to think about how you enjoy a topic that you historically have regarded in a negative light.



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