Find Your Freedom Away From Your Desk

In the last couple of weeks, I feel that due dates have been screaming at me louder than my morning alarm. It’s easy to overwork yourself and feel overwhelmed as a university student. What has helped me is reminding myself why I moved to Victoria in the first place: to live by the ocean.

My friend Hayley joined me in taking a break from staring at due dates and brought with her a shell, a feather, and sage. She explains that she was smudging, which to her personal knowledge is “used as a tool to clear negative energy within oneself, another person or a specific place.”

Hayley shares her experience with smudging: “It makes me feel connected to the world around me, my family, and my culture. The smell of burnt sage or tobacco also tends to bring about a healing energy for me, and reminds me that any negative experience I have will always be temporary.”

I made this video to remind the community about the natural beauty this healing world is constantly expressing. I challenge students to incorporate connecting with nature into their university student lifestyle in efforts to restore, relieve, and revive.

We are not robots; we are human. We have the freedom to take breaks from due dates, studying, and working. I believe humans are made to love and connect. Let’s reintroduce ourselves to what it means to be human; connect to heal.

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