How to Stay Focused in Zoom Classes

Welcome, human. If you’re reading this, you have the ability to be distracted.

It happens to all humans, especially in the academic community. The phones we keep with us 24/7 are like little kids that constantly want your attention.

You’ve probably experienced a Zoom class where you’ve picked up your phone for more than a full sentence of important content.

Even watching your peers who keep their cameras on seems to attract your attention more than the class lesson.

I’m here to help you and your GPA with a list of ways to stay focused during your online learning extravaganza.

1. Stay on Speaker’s View

This means restricting yourself to viewing ONLY the speaker and their screen. I know this is difficult to even consider when Amanda presumedly breeds dogs in her room for a living, Callum can’t stay still, or when Andy has the coolest setup that it seems as if he doesn’t need his degree in the first place.

Make sure your classmates are only on your screen if the professor is not in teaching mode.

2. Throw your phone to China

Don’t actually throw it that far but far enough that it won’t trigger any of your five senses.

Your #1 priority should be the computer screen not the phone screen.

3. Get used to Little Red Riding Hood popping up at the bottom of your screen

Yes, the class might be chatting in the chat but that doesn’t mean you need to check it right away. You can wait until your professor chooses to discuss the content in the chat.

Until then, if the chat is blowing up but your teacher is talking about class content, make sure to get used to seeing the red dot and comments pop up without constantly reading the chat. Even in class FOMO can arise, but what matters is if you miss out on the professor’s lecture.

4. Remember that the professor is talking for a reason

Both you and your professor have responsibilities in this student-teacher relationship. They’re responsible for communicating the important class content to help you in your success. You’re responsible for listening and asking questions if needed.

Look at this like any two person relationship; both of you need to know and act on your roles and responsibilities for it to work. If you want a good mark, strive for a good relationship.

5. Take notes!!

Keep only a notebook and pencil on your desk and jot down the main ideas and key concepts. Always remember: there’s reason for repeating content they’ve already written out on PDFs and docs.

Now go out there and stay focused!

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2 Responses

  1. Julia says:

    Thank you so much lol!

  2. Sid says:

    Thanks my mom hates when i play during class so thanks for the tips :)!