From Student to Employee: My Experience in the Office of Student Life

Hello readers,

This summer has turned out to be a lot of things all at once. From ending classes abruptly to being in lockdown—it has been a countless hurdle of transitions and new beginnings. However, one aspect of my summer has impacted my UVic experience for the better.

This is me waiting in the OSL to receive my onboarding documents. What a nerd!

This past June I obtained a co-op position as a Student Coordinator with the Office of Student Life, here at UVic!

The Office of Student Life is in charge of helping the transition of new to UVic students through orientation programming,  student leadership initiatives, and so much more. As you can probably guess, the Office of Student Life has been quite busy this summer!

This is what editing a podcast looks like. For this project, I had to record episodes over Zoom and edit them in Audacity.

As a Student Coordinator of Communications and Engagement, my projects this summer have been amazingly fun and rewarding to work on.

From Instagram and podcasts to New Student Welcome, everything that I have been working on has been for new UVic students. And, as I head into my final year here at UVic,  working in the OSL has been a rewarding experience that has brought me back to my own first-year journey at UVic!


@UVic Year One: An Instagram account for first-year students


The excitement of  first year is something that has stuck with me throughout my time at UVic. It is magical and something that propels you forward into the person you will become.

When I got to work on communications projects for new students this summer, I had a chance to see that exhilaration in new students. It made my job truly rewarding when I saw students connect through the content we made for them.


Meet Me In The Quad: A UVic Student Life Podcast–listen now on Spotify!


I had the opportunity to try new things like writing, hosting, and editing a student-life podcast called Meet Me in The Quad.

I got to have wonderful conversations with friends and many campus partners. In these episodes, I learned a lot about listening and sharing stories with and for the UVic community.


New Student Welcome—Participating in a student panel: Get Connected and #This is UVic Live

In this panel, I shared my experience being involved at UVic and shared advice about how others can become more involved with the school!



I truly grew from my experience working for the Office of Student Life. I have gained so many professional and personal skills in such a short amount of time.

I learned about the processes behind university planning and events. I got to manage and produce creative content for students. I had a chance to re-live the first-year experience through creating and implementing content for the community.

Most importantly, I re-affirmed a greater connection and appreciation for the UVic community and its services.

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