Will I Go For Another Degree?

Now that I have completed my degree the next question I am often asked is if I am going to get a job or go back for more school.

I was never certain about the idea of getting a second degree. I always believed a person would get one degree and if they were really really passionate or had to go to graduate school for their career then perhaps they would do more.

I was also convinced in high school that life had one path: high school, university, grad school, career. But now that I know you can truly decide for yourself what path you take, I am open to many different ideas.

Before graduating, I had an image of myself finding an unknown position right away that would work out in the long run of finding a career, but COVID has put a bit of a hold on these plans and the more time I have had to ponder my future the more new possibilities appear.

The idea of working as a teacher or perhaps in heritage work is always tugging at the back of my mind and suddenly a history degree or a teaching certification doesn’t seem like such a daunting idea.

The resources on how to get started on these paths is accessible and I would be able to continue being a part of the UVic community as a student and not only as an alumni. I am excited about my new alumni status and I enjoyed my first degree so much but I am already feeling the nostalgia for the classroom and student hustle.

So even though right now my main goal is to work hard toward a career building position, I also play with ideas of teaching or historical preservation, and who knows, even if I do go back to school for another degree, it does not necessarily have to be for a career change, it could be for a passion that I work on in other parts of my life.

A world of opportunity has been opened to me because of the past 5 years at UVic and while I am unsure if I will ever pursue more education the idea of it is both possible and exciting.

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