How I Keep Up With My Study Schedule (Quarantine Edition)

No. This is not one of those dreamy posts where I tell you 637 complicated steps to take every day and become a hypocrite because honestly, I have not finished an assignment that’s due in two days and I will be up all night watching lecture videos and scrambling to get things done before they’re due.

So here are some easy quarantine habits for everyone to follow that keeps you sane, gives you time to NOT be okay and keep up with your social life (as much as you can).

STEP 1: If you haven’t done this already, make a study schedule (that you’ll inevitably not follow but will keep in your mind and feel bad about).

This will help motivate you and remind you of the things you planned when you were a functional, motivated human being.

You do not need to exhaust yourself trying to keep up with this routine because, in these hard times, you might need some days off (which is fair), but it will remind you of the things that need to be done and give you an energy boost on your good days.

STEP 2: Daily planner to actually get things done.

Wake up and Slay.

This is where you actually get things done. You know what assignments are due in three days, you know you need to make notes for that one class that you dread (“hello, embedded systems”) and you know how motivated you are today.

Take a notepad and write down everything you aim to do for the day. Make sure to keep it realistic. Give yourself some leisure time but work so you are not falling behind.

As you go about your day, strike your tasks. Personally, striking tasks gives me a strange satisfaction that is beyond words.

STEP 3: Weekly goals including co-curriculum.

Photo by Haley Powers via Unsplash

As you are slaying through the week, make sure that you do not exert yourself. Give yourself a day off whenever you can.

Hang out with the fam, play online games with your friends, dress up or have a photoshoot in your backyard, or just read a book to soothe yourself.

It is important to acknowledge the hard work you have done and then reward yourself with some time off.

Schedule Facetime sessions with your friends and since you cannot go out unless absolutely necessary, take in some fresh air when you’re out getting groceries. Sit outside and enjoy nature as much as you can and give your eyes a break from the screen for a bit.

STEP 4: Acknowledge bad days.

No matter how strong you are going, you might feel a little off some days and possibly be sucked into these days.

You have to remember to stay strong and not give yourself a hard time as you experience these days. You are doing the best you can and you are allowed to not be 100% productive on some days.

It’s times like these when we have to be understanding of not only our environment and surroundings but our own minds and bodies as well.

Eat those candies, sleep in, don’t do those dishes, but remember to get back up once you are ready. You have done great so far and you are not feeling great currently, but you are strong enough to get out of that zone.

Get help if you need it, talk to your friends or family, write it out or express it the way you want, but believe in yourself and you will feel better. And if you don’t, give me a shout. I might not be able to help you out completely, but I can hear you out.

STEP 5: Come back to UVic because it misses you too.

Once COVID is gone and its safe for us all to be back on campus, come back to this beautiful place. It misses you as much as you miss it… and a little secret… it’s getting a makeover 🙂

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