A Summer Evening on Campus

It’s been about four months since I last stepped foot on campus, and like some of my fellow student bloggers, I’ve started to realize how much I miss being there.

Each semester, I always find myself rushing to get thing done. I’m either stressing about the next test or preparing for my next lab. Once those are finally over, I start stressing about the NEXT test, or preparing for the NEXT lab. It feels as if I’m in a never-ending 100m sprint, and don’t have any time to look back.

So, a couple days ago, I decided to spend my evening after work to re-visit this wonderful place called the UVic campus. But this time, I wasn’t going there for any classes or exams. I went there with the purpose of capturing some of the beauty that this campus has to offer, the beauty that I often overlook due to the busy schedule of University. It was also a great experience to reminisce about some of my fondest memories at UVic so far.

I hope these pictures bring some joy to the people that unfortunately aren’t able to visit UVic right now. Keep positive and know that the time will come eventually! 😊

Starting my day off with a view like this always put me in a good mood.

Shoutout to the 3rd floor of the library. One of the best places to get important work done.

Although I have very few regrets regarding my experience so far at UVic, I definitely wish I got involved with more sports clubs and activities.

The sad point at which my friends and I had to part ways for our afternoon courses 🙁

A highly recommended resting spot on stressful days. You might even catch a glimpse of the two love ducks!

A lot of physical and mental pain has been experienced in this gym, but I can definitely say that it was worth it.

Ending off the day with a quick walk through the iconic Mystic Vale!


A few extras:

An empty UVic parking lot… A very rare sight.

Missing these lunch breaks.

The natural environment of this campus is unreal.

Go Vikes!















*All photos were shot on a Sony A6000 (kit lens) and were colour graded using Adobe Lightroom for anyone that was wondering!

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2 Responses

  1. Andy Glover says:

    I am what you would call a “mature student” and I came back to UVIC in January after I retired. Your pics and captions show part of the reason why I wanted to return (the other part was to learn of course!). I was lucky to at least get to finish off most of the term and frankly I can’t wait to get back.
    Thanks for the great shots.


    • Charles says:

      Hey Andy, thanks for the comment! It’s super cool to hear from someone that has seen UVic change over the years. I assume the campus looks quite different now from what it was back then. However, it’s still the same place with the same awesome memories! I also look forward to getting back as soon as possible!