Now’s the Time to Learn!

It’s important to still maintain a somewhat normal sleeping schedule! Photo by Laura Chouette on Unsplash

Although it was a bummer when I heard that school was going to be transferred online with the future ever so uncertain, a part of me was excited for all the free time I would have.

I’ve had a list of tasks I wanted to accomplish ever since the start of the school year — with most depending on having enough free time to sit down and properly complete.

As I’ve come to learn, keeping yourself busy during this time is extremely important. It gives you structure and when we find ourselves working towards goals, we can feel fulfillment where we might be lacking from other sources such as socializing with friends.

Thus, I started learning guitar and piano a couple weeks ago. I’m lucky enough to own a keyboard and guitar but the point is setting aside a little bit of time every day to practise.

This created a routine for me to follow and although I’m only practising a bit every day, it still feels super rewarding.

I’m sure many of you have also seen the baking craze that’s everyone’s been buzzing about!

I decided to jump on the bandwagon and began baking some pastries and breads that I wanted to eat. It was always a little surprising seeing the final product as I’m not the greatest baker but it’s been lots of fun creating and discovering new food!

If you want to learn other skills, there are a bunch of free online courses that universities are often so now’s also a perfect time to learn some new information — whether that be learning how to code, accounting basics, or what happiness really means.

Once this is all over, you could have some cool new skills to show your friends!

Super easy and yummy cheddar and chive scones!

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